DiggerDiff is a simple program to help you keep an eye out for changes on web pages you are interested in. I use it to watch the job pages of local companies. It fetches each page in its list and compares the contents against an older copy of that page stored locally and displays the results. If a page has changed, a link is given to display the differences between the old and new versions so you can easily spot the changes. You can also update the saved version of the pages to the latest version (which will obviously reset the status of all pages to SAME).

You can specify multiple search and replace expressions to apply to the local copies of each page. This can be useful to minimize CHANGED results for pages that often have predictable, small changes that are not important, and to clean up the display of the differences. To demonstrate, the sample entry for this page is set up to remove the changing number at the bottom of the page.

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